since the medical translation is the instrument which shows the health situation of patients and affects the doctors view, it essential for the translator to have a tangible background about both scientific language and scientific terminology. Since Turkiye has achieved improvement in medical tourism sector, therefor our duty is to do our job properly in order to be a part for making our country always ahead.


Lawful translation is a service needed by foreigners concerning international transactions, cases and legal correspondence and so. Therefor the translator must be highly skilled at speaking, writing and explaining, so that he/ she could be able to transfer what lawyers and parties say to the third party.


Academic translation is an important part of translation. For students, sources and references that which written in their language, may not be enough so they would need some resources to be translated. To do academic translation the other culture should be known, otherwise it will be difficult to be familiar about some expressions and terms where they come from and what they exactly mean.


Since the global economy depends on commercial relations between two countries, the commercial translation has become a necessity. For it is an important factor for two businessmen from a different nationalities to understand each other and arrange an agreement, and we as Dilget Translation are at your service for the translation of any contract, e-mail, catalog, website and user manual which you may need.